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Having lived in New Hampshire my entire life, I have come to appreciate the diversity and beauty of our state.  We don’t have sales tax or income tax, but we have a view tax (go figure, right?).  Our state has beaches, lakes, mountains, and farmlands and yet is easy driving distance to Boston.  We border three states and Canada.

We have a Yankee spirit and ingenuity that is world renown.  We love food, the outdoors, family and friends.  I am also a mom, daughter, sister, aunt, pet owner and girlfriend and I may write from any one of these perspectives at any time.

My goal for this blog is to provide insight to living in Northern New England.  I will provide opinions on life, family, politics, and the weather, but I will also provide facts about what to do, see and eat while you are here.

I also write a second blog for our antiques business under Stone Bridge Antiques.  From time to time I will link a blog from that site to this one.

I am an upbeat person, so you won’t find nagging or complaining here.  I also don’t claim to know all the facts, so if you have important information you would like to add to any of my posts, please do so.  I am a firm believer in the more minds the better.  If you have any questions about our wonderful state, please ask.  If I don’t have the answer, I will try hard to find one for you.

I hope you enjoy this blog and stop by often to see what is happening in New Hampshire.



2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. One of the surprises for me in my quarter-century here is just how different the Granite State’s regions can be, and how little they interact with each other. The gravitation has always been toward Boston or, in the Upper Valley (of the Connecticut River, as we should add for most readers) toward Springfield, Mass., and Hartford.
    We might also point out that New Hampshire is a larger state than assumed … bigger than Massachusetts or New Jersey, for instance … and it takes longer to drive from the Connecticut Lakes near Canada to the state’s Seacoast Region that it does to drive from the Seacoast Region to Manhattan.
    Best wishes on your postings.

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