Plug a Business

My last article reflected on what small businesses do wrong and why they sometimes end up going out of business.  So I thought it would be nice to point out some of the success stories.

I am in the process of finding places in New Hampshire to add to my links page and what better way than to highlight the small, hardworking businesses that “get it right” and give them a plug.

I know that my list will be painfully small and inadequate, so I am asking my followers who live in and around New Hampshire to give me their vote on who they feel should be acknowledged for running a great small business.

Send me the business name, address, website, a brief one or two sentence description of what they do and why you feel they “get it right.”

Here is one of my “for instance’s:”

Butters Fine Food and Wine * 249 Sheep Davis Road (Route 106), Concord, NH * * It’s BETTER with BUTTER’s.  Fresh gourmet foods and sandwiches and a nice selection of various wines and craft beers.  Nice website and Facebook and Twitter presence.  You can order online and be added to their email list.  The even have a BLOG!

We all know that running your own small business is tough.  Let’s get the word out about our favorite places and gives these guys a hand.  You can respond to this post or send the information via my new “Contact Me” page.

Thanks and Happy Blogging!


6 thoughts on “Plug a Business

  1. Great. Mountain Base Yoga. The owner is Sarah Tollefsen Elechko
    She opened the studio I believe about a year ago and i just asked her how business was and she said it’s growing quickly. I go there a lot myself and I always feel welcome and never judged. She has in the past, charge a certain amount for a class, then donated that amount to Crispin’s House, which is a charity that serves the youth in our community. She is always coming up with new ideas to keep everyone fresh. I think she’s done a great job! I also own a small business…Colleen Dubois Photography but It’s just in the beginning phase, but I’m working hard. Thank you!

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