What’s happening around New Hampshire?

So, part of the Zero to Hero challenge is to do a Friday Roundup.  After an extremely busy day playing analyst, the last thing I wanted to do was sort through blogs and try to summarize a bunch of articles.  But a quiet house, some soft music, and a glass (or two) of wine and the idea began to have merit.  After all, my blog is about New Hampshire and there are tons of other blogs out there about New Hampshire that are worth reading.

So, here is my attempt at a Friday roundup and what’s happening around the state.

The Tilton Famer’s Market announces new vendors for this weekends winter farmers market.  Sap House Meadery and Winnipesaukee Chocolate will be joining many other vendors in one of the bigger winter farmers markets in the state.  Check them out.  They are located right on Route 3 in Tilton.

Therapeutic Misadventures provided us with another tantalizing recipe using specialty olive oils from a local store in Peterborough.  I have really got to get up there and try some of these out.  Names like Chipotle infused olive oil, blood orange infused olive oil and dark cherry balsamic vinegar just make my mouth water. 

Both here on my blog and on a blog called Green Street talked about the New Hampshire House of Reps approving the legalization of marijuana.  No one believes it will become law this time around.  New Hampshire has a tendency to take the “wait and see” approach, which means it could be several more years before this law passes.  But if things continue as they are, there is no doubt that things will change.

The other big news is the cold.  But we aren’t the only ones getting that.  It’s January.  If you expected something else in January, well then you are just silly.

I noticed as I left work today and headed home that it was still quite light out.  This is a good sign as the days are getting longer and I look forward to not having to have my headlights on all the way home.  Longer days mean warmer weather and SPRING! 

Okay, I’m getting way ahead of myself. 

Don’t forget, I’m still looking for names and information of small businesses in New Hampshire.  My list is growing and I will start adding the links this weekend.  Hop over to my antiques blog and leave me the name of your favorite antique shop or dealer.  We love antiques and New Hampshire is known for having the most antique shops per square mile. 

Keep warm New Hampshire and Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “What’s happening around New Hampshire?

  1. Thanks Cindy! I’m having so much fun with this. A woman came into the store yesterday and said she needed ideas for cooking salmon. I popped open my laptop and showed her my post, wrote down the recipe for her and sent her off with a couple of bottles of oil. Love helping folks eat healthier!

    I really appreciate your support and hope to meet you in person in Peterborough soon!

    • Thanks Martha. Same here. Coincidently, we are having salmon for dinner tonight. And for dessert, the awesome maple cake I made. I’m afraid my recipes are not as healthy as yours, but I do make things from scratch.

      Enjoy your weekend!

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