Another Winter Storm


So here we are…February in New Hampshire.  I live and work in that purple shaded area.  Ya, that’s right.  The one that says 8-14”.

I also work for one of those companies that will not close for anything less than two feet of snow.  So here I am at work (ahem, lunch), watching the perpetual falling of little tiny flakes that will culminate with a disastrous and very long commute home.

Every so often I am asked by those who do not live in the north how we do it.  How do we survive when we get a foot of snow at a time?

Well, we whine, complain, shovel, and whine some more.  We get out the hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, boots and jackets all rated for -20 degrees.  We bundle up like a snowman and head out into the wild weather and shovel, snow blow, plow.  Then head back in, strip, warm up, then do it all over again until the snow finally stops.

Then, when the sun finally returns, we play.  We ski, snow shoe, snowmobile, sled or toboggan until our cheeks turn rosy, are fingers and toes get cold and our nose runs.  Then we head inside, strip, warm up and then do it all over again.

And that’s how we survive winter in New Hampshire.


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