The Plague in Our Office


It’s that time of year…

As I sit in my little cubicle I can hear the coughing, hacking, sneezing and wheezing coming from each desk on my floor.  Our floor is no different than the other two floors of our building. Many of my co-workers have succumbed to the Plague that has been spreading rampant through our building.

Back in December and early January a stomach bug made the rounds that had me in bed for two full days.  Now, a nasty cold seems to be clinging for weeks on end and sending people to the doctors.

I feel like I should be wearing a surgical mask right now. 

I am the biggest baby when it comes to being sick.  I don’t “deal” well with colds.  I’m generally cranky, and miserable to be around.  I whine…a lot. 

I have escaped its grasp thus far, but I’m not taking any chances.  I wash my hands at least six times a day and use the little sanitizer dispensers located around the building as often as I can.  I try not to leave the sanctity of my little six by eight cubicle, which I plan to thoroughly sanitize before I leave today. 

I try not to spend too much time outside as going from warm to cold makes my nose run and just adds to the chance I will transfer germs.  At lunch I sit in the back corner of the cafeteria by myself (and a good book, of course) and do my best “please do not disturb” impression so no potential “carriers” sit next to me.

It’s not the way I like to roll.  The one perk my job allows me is the chance to socialize with other intelligent people.  I remember when my kids were little and I was a stay at home mom.  I began to go a little stir crazy and decided I need to go back to work full time when, in adult conversations, I was using words like binky, blanky and beddy time.  I enjoy thought provoking conversations on margin assessments, production planning and data collection, as dull as that may sound to the average human being.  Working outside the home has provided me with an opportunity to test my patience with narcissists, OCD’s and know-it-alls.  It has also provided me an opportunity to learn from a huge subset of individuals with different backgrounds and ideas.  I have even made a few good friends in the process.

While my “ideal” job would be sitting at home writing the third book to my three part book deal, that is not yet in the cards.  Someday maybe.

For now, I’ll drag myself to work and hide in my cubicle until this Plague has left the building, which at this point could be spring.


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