Fifty Years and Still Going

Schaefers 1964

Today we celebrated my boyfriends parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.  In between the death of President Kennedy and the Beetles headlining on the Ed Sullivan show, this cute couple tied the not.  It was the height of the Vietnam War and friends were being called to duty at an alarming rate.  They moved up the date of their wedding to ensure their friends could be apart of their happy day.

Over the next fifty years they would see incredible change; cell phones, internet, all wheel drive, even their relationship has evolved over the years.  How could it not?

Both my boyfriend and I have been through the sadness of divorce and spouses we loved who could no longer find happiness within our families.  Relationships evolve.  They have to.  And we have to be adult enough to accept those changes. How dull would our lives be if we always stayed the same?

My boyfriend’s parents may not be in the same type of love they were fifty years ago, but they do realize that they depend on each other.  They don’t always see eye to eye…okay, they rarely see eye to eye, but in truth neither one of them have very good eyesight to begin with.  The one thing they do have is each other.  He knows breakfast will be on the table in the morning and she knows the woodstove will be filled and going strong.  She likes to sell linens and antique pottery on line and he likes to refinish antique furniture for their shop.  They accept their differences whether they understand them or not.

In a time where divorce is becoming more common than marriage, it is refreshing to see a couple who have successfully traversed the years together.  I’m sure it wasn’t all fair sailing; they have become experts at navigating rough seas.  But they stuck it out.

Fifty years is a long time to spend with the same person.  But then you have to look across the dinner table and wonder, how did this person put up with me for so long?  And perhaps it is for that reason and that reason alone that makes staying married worthwhile.

Whatever the reason, this is their silver addition, and I wish them another healthy fifty years together.



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