Changing Weather

DSC01007It’s February, traditionally one of our snowiest months and this year appears to be no exception.  As I write this, the snow is falling heavily making it difficult to see across the back field.  The wind is blowing hard pushing the snow in drifts against the house and barn.  It’s cold.

The storm isn’t expected to stop until tomorrow morning and the amount that will be left once it’s done is subject to debate.  Suffice it to say twelve inches or more isn’t out of the question.

But just like any New England winter, things are about to change, yet again.  Next week is slated to hit the low forties, which means all this snow will begin to melt and that brings us to the next season we New Englanders enjoy…mud season.

Well, what did you think happens when two or more feet of snow starts to melt?  The rivers swell, streams appear out of nowhere and that feint sound of spring can be heard.  It’s that tinkle of water as it starts to melt from the top down, dripping down to the earth then making its way downhill ending in a rushing sound as it mixes with other streams that swell over their banks flooding roads and fields and in some cases basements.

Winter isn’t over yet and I foresee at least one more snowstorm before all is said and done.  Farmers will tell you having a good snow cover is a good sign.  With some decent spring rain we shouldn’t have to worry about droughts this summer.  The grounds will stay moist well into June and perhaps July. That, in turns, means a good fall harvest.

So you see, everything is connected.  A good snowy winter brings the chance of a rainy spring, which brings the chance we will have a good growing season and fall harvest, which in turn means we will have lots of great fruits and vegetables to freeze and can for winter next year.

As I sit at my computer looking out at the field and the crazy snow blowing and swirling, I know that in six months from now we are going have some great corn-on-the-cob.  And THAT brings a smile to my face.


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