Rex is Coming to New Hampshire

If I haven’t mentioned it before, February is typically our snowiest month here in northern New England. Two weeks ago we had a storm that dropped about 8” in our yard. Last week it was another 10”. Today, Winter Storm Rex, the 18th named storm this year, will swing by and drop another 4-8” of snow on our doorstep.

The good news at least is that after this storm we may see some warmer temperatures, which will be a nice break from the non-stop frigid weather we’ve been having.

You see, mother nature teased us at the beginning of the year with some warm weather and rain, then it turned cold…bitterly cold, then it started to snow. So far this month our average high is 30.2 degrees, with only 4 days reaching above 32 degrees. The average low temperature is 7.4 degrees. Both of those temperatures do not take wind chill into account. Total snowfall has been over 20” just for February not including the storm we are about to get.

I know I sound like I’m complaining, and I am. This is about the time of year my cabin fever really kicks in and I need to find something to do with my time, desperately. So desperately that over this last weekend I suggested to my boyfriend that we buy the new flooring we’ve been wanting to get and start installing it before Spring. I also suggested we start tearing down the wallpaper and prime and paint the dining room. But I also want to tear down a whole wall, which we believe to be a load bearing wall. So now that is on hold until I can have my stepbrother come look at it and tell us what we need to do. Plus I want to do the same to the upstairs hallway and our bedroom…the wallpaper and paint part anyway.

We have already remodeled two rooms and I will share some of those photos when I get a chance. Of course all this remodeling takes money so we have to do it piece meal.

So with another storm on its way, I desperately want spring to arrive. I want to redecorate with pastel colors, brighten the walls, clean out all the cobwebs and maybe, just maybe, crack open a window for some fresh air.



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