A Tiny Taste of Spring

I have no complaints about this past weekend. It is funny how, after several weeks of below freezing temps and snow, it can make a sunny day in the high 40’s feel like spring. But it did. Saturday was very sunny and at one point my car thermometer read 50 degrees! It was windy, though and in the afternoon the wind became very strong.

Sunday was a little more overcast, but the temps were still in the high 40’s and with less wind, made it feel very nice out.

It seemed like we had a lot of errands to run this weekend. It was nice to be out and about. Once you have lived here long enough, you start to sense the changing of the seasons. This weekend was a great indicator that change is coming. We even had robins in the front yard eating some of the left over cranberries I left out there from after Christmas. Birds are a great indicator of changing seasons. As we get closer to spring, they start to sing a different tune and sounds you haven’t heard since fall are now coming back.

Beyond the birds and the weather, the longer days are making me feel a bit more energetic. The sun creeps a little more north as it rises and sets and the stark brightness of the winter sun starts to fade to the orange glow of summer. There is warmth in the sun, now.

I know it is still February and this is New Hampshire. This week we are back into the arctic chill and there is more snow in the forecast. We still have at least two feet of snow in the field and temps will be way below the average at least for the next few weeks. But you can “feel” change in the air. The sights, sounds and smells tell me that it won’t be long now. In two more weeks it will be daylight savings and we will push the clocks ahead one hour and there will be more daylight when I get home after work. Perhaps enough to get in a quick walk before dinner?


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