A Little Sound of Spring

So, even though it is about three degrees outside and our poor furnace is struggling to keep the chill away, as I sit and sip my tea and take a few early morning quiet moments to write, I can hear the orchestra of birds singing outside.  I hear the chickadees and robins and a few finches and the occasional blue jay and crow.  Bless their hardy little souls for making it at least sound like spring.  I will definitely bring out more food to them today.

The only thing that would make this morning better is if it was warm enough to open the windows and front door in order to hear their songs even more. 

While the winter brings a blanket of silence with the snow and most birds fly south for the winter, it only serves to make me realize how much I miss the cacophony of bird songs as they all try to outdo each other.

Today the calendar announces it is March 1st and next weekend we change the clocks.  Just less than 2 weeks after that is spring!  


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