Grey’s Mills Continued

While some of the places in Ethel’s letter no longer exist, some of the places still thrive.  Two of the hotels she mentions in her letter, both built in the late 1800’s still stand and operate today.

The Algonquin Hotel is still a magnificent resort with a long and interesting history.  The Kennedy House has underwent several changes including name changes, but still exists and has changed its name back to the original.

Both hotels are located in the historical summer resort town of St. Andrews just over the Canadian line in the Passamaquoddy Bay.

This is the last part of the letter.  I hope you have found this look into history interesting. We often forget about the interesting and prosperous times of the 1920’s instead looking at the sadness and despair brought on by the great depression and World War II.  We know there was crime and scandal during this time, but Ethel’s letter reminds us there were still good times, too.  Where one could spend an innocent summer highlighted by a great automobile adventure.


The Algonquin Hotel is very grand and it costs about one hundred dollars a day to stay here.  They employed about six hundred people to keep it in running order.  Over the hotel the two flags are flying separately the American and an English.  It certainly looked very grand, something like you would see in Newport, R.I.

Of course we did not get our supper at this grand hotel, but we went to the Kennedy House, a more modest dwelling.  I had a good supper of fried salmon, potatoes, bread and good oolong tea and orange ice cream and it did taste so good for I was hungry after being out in the open air so much.

After leaving here, we had yet about sixty miles to go through St. George and other places along the seacoast most of the way, to St. John.  We arrived there about half past twelve Thursday night after riding that day over two hundred miles which was indeed quite a trip in itself.  I suppose you must wander how I stood such a journey.  Well I stood it fine, wasn’t’ at all lame and tired but I did have the roar in my ears of the engine of the car when we stopped and when I went to bed but it was all gone the next morning. 

After breakfast the next morning I stopped at Herb’s hotel, we went over to the city and did a little shopping and came up here to Ivory’s.

Mrs. Duffy said she hated to part with me and wished we could go further, still, but that was quite a trip for me for the first long trip.  We could have gone to Boston travelling that number of miles, it was in fact more than you go if you come by car from Boston to St. John.

Russell got along alright while I was gone.  Nellie was here and looked after things.  Chris came during the time I was away and he built a rowboat for Ivory.  They went home last Wednesday.  I do not think she can get away again to come down while I am here. 

While I guess I have written enough for the time.  How is Pa’s garden coming along?  I suppose he has ripe tomatoes long before this.  We have some nice green ones coming now.  We have had new potatoes, green peas, butter beans and beautiful lettuce and beats and strawberries, such a lot of them, Blueberries are now beginning to be ripe and we have had them for three days for almost each meal.  I do love blueberries with cream. 

How are all the folks? Write when you can and let me know now Ma is, if only a few lines.  I will try to write them each a letter while I am here.  We have had almost everyday some one here since I came.  There are quite a lot of campers around here on the shores.  It is awful hard work to get Russell to write. He hasn’t done any yet but I am going to get some more cards tomorrow and I will make him write some after that.

With lots of love to you and all & Ma especially.  Yours as ever, Ethel.

PS. Ivory is better this summer and sends regards to all.


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