Getting Happy

I needed this today, so thought I would share!

Not a Day Over 45

It’s the International Day of Happiness. I began celebrating it with violent cursing and screaming at an unexpected road closure that turned my normal 35 minute commute to work into a 50 minute meltdown of rage and anxiety.

I sat at my desk, barely making it there in time for the kids to come running in, pushing and shoving to get to the coat rack. I was holding my head in my hands when a student came to my desk. This student, who has multiple disabilities which include an inability to read social cues, says, “Mrs. Cory! Mrs. Cory! Mrs. Cory! Mrs. Cory! Mrs. Cory!” And when I lifted my head and said, “WHAT?!”, he said, “Mrs. Cory, it’s Happy Day! Get happy, Mrs. Cory!”

And so I did.

I brought up the video for Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” on the board and we danced, all 18 of us, twirling and…

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