Dinner and a Show…With Friends

I’ve been fortunate lately to be able to spend time out with my friends.  Now that the nicer weather is here, it seems that everyone is eager to get out and enjoy.  So when my friend, Terri, called and invited me to see The Producers at The Palace Theater in Manchester, I couldn’t say no.

Finding parking downtown on a Friday night during a show can be tricky, so we headed into town a little early to have dinner.  First we headed to the box office to pick up our reserved tickets.  On our way to find a good place to eat, we bumped into two more friends who were also heading to the show, so the four of us decided to have dinner together.  (The more the merrier). We headed next door to Hooked, a cute, if not small, fish restaurant right on the corner by the theater.

We each started the evening with a glass of wine and a toast to girls out having fun.  Two of the ladies started the meal off with raw oysters on the shell.  I am not a raw fish fan, but I was told they were very good.

For dinner I ordered the Panko Crusted Tilapia with loaded potatoes and a mix of fresh vegetables.  Dinner was served without too much wait and was absolutely delicious.  The tilapia was cooked just right and the potatoes were heavenly.  There was more food than I could finish, so I brought the rest home and had it for breakfast the next day. (Yes, you read that right…BREAKFAST! Mmmm)

My friend Terri had the tuna, rare.  She said it was wonderful and even offered me a bite, but I was already too full with my meal.

Everything was perfect; accept for Jolie’s scallops, which she said were too undercooked for her taste.  She did not return it, though and said the pasta that came with it was wonderful.  The manager was kind enough to reduce her bill.

After dinner, two of the ladies enjoyed dessert martinis and then we headed to the theater.  While I have heard a lot of things about Mel Brooks’ The Producers, I had never actually seen it, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  The show was amazing and three hours long.  The actors were great and right on mark.  I don’t know how they memorize all those lines.  It was funny, off-color, and well done.  I believe the weekend we went was the last weekend it was playing; otherwise I would tell you go see it.

I grew up in Manchester and have gone to The Palace Theater on and off over the years.  This is its 99th year.  That means next year it will officially be an antique!  It really is an amazing little theater.  If you have never been and you have the opportunity to see a show there, do it.  You won’t be disappointed.


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