About Being a Writer

The other night I attended my third Writer’s Night Out event through the New Hampshire Writers Project.  I had a busy weekend and wasn’t even sure I wanted to attend, but I had found these meetings helpful so I pushed myself to go.  As with the previous meetings, I am so glad I did.

The location had changed and there was some mix up with our room, so we cozied up in the hallway, pulled out some snacks and listened to our guest speaker, Maria Noel Groves, discuss her road to signing a book deal.  We had some new faces including a former standup comedian and a woman who has already published three (count them…three) contemporary romance novels.  There were also many familiar faces.

There was talk about the conference that had been presented in March by NHWP.  I wasn’t able to attend this year, but those who went were beside themselves with the positive experience.  I CANNOT wait for next year and plan to save my pennies so I can attend.  I am hoping there are some good workshops between now and then.  Lord knows I’m going to need them.

The great thing about meeting up with everyone is how inspired I get.  Everyone is in different stages of writing.  We had one gentleman who was just starting to “think” about writing, up to the lady with three published novels, the speaker with the book deal and everything in between.  So I don’t feel too bad that I am only in the beginning stages of writing my novel.

The one thing we all have in common is that we love to write.  We would like to make money with our writing, but even if we never made a penny, we couldn’t stop.  It is in our blood.  Every free minute I get I am writing something.  Unfortunately, the “minutes” I get are just that…minutes.  So I am usually either writing something short for one of my blogs or writing something in my journal.

Writer’s Digest has a contest coming up and I am thinking about submitting a short personal essay I wrote.  I know it needs tweaking. Having a group of fellow writers to turn to, I am hoping to give them each a copy to read.  It will be nice to get some unbiased feedback.

I have a day job that pays the bills, but also takes up a lot of my time.  Listening to how the other writers find time to exercise their craft reminds me that there are no excuses.  If I want to write, I need to make the time to write.  One woman said she gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning in order to write before she goes off to work.  I am not a morning person.  My brain just doesn’t work that early.

Another person said she spends half of every Saturday writing.  We are just too busy for me to spend that much time on the weekends.

What I need is an hour or two each night uninterrupted.  But that’s the key, isn’t it?  “Uninterrupted.”

I love my boyfriend who looks forward to conversation when I get home from work.  I’ve convinced him I need an hour or so to unwind and do some writing and he happily agrees.  So off to the den I go and then…

“Hey, Hun.  I was thinking about that thing and what would you think if we…..” He saunters into the den, coffee mug in hand.

My hands fall to my lap, my chin drops and I glare at him like I am Cyclops from the X-Men and I can shoot laser beams out of my eyes. Then I sit and listen, respond where necessary and watch him saunter off.  Back to the keyboard, a deep sigh, hands at the ready and then…

“Or what if we did this instead?”

My den needs doors….that lock.

I am convinced that once I get into a rhythm, I’ll knock this book out in no time.  Then I can get started on the next one I have already flowing in my head.  I learned some new ideas on how to manage all that at the WNO, too.

I’m learning there is much more to writing a novel than I anticipated.  I have great ideas, I love to write, it’s getting those ideas onto paper in a way that will draw in a reader and not let them go that I struggle with.  I am confident it will come, and I have a whole network of help if I need it.

And a supportive boyfriend. 🙂


3 thoughts on “About Being a Writer

  1. It’s true it’s hard to find the time but, for me at least, writing is as important as food and drink. Like you is lend every spare moment scribbling and wish there was more time for it. Unlike you I have a husband who works nights so I do get a bit of evening time to write.

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