Friday Ramblings!

If you have been hiding in a cave these last couple of weeks, come on out, spring has sprung.  Old man winter has given up the fight and gone into hibernation until next year and summer is just a whisper away.  All the snow is gone from our yard, though there are still patches in shady areas around our neighborhood.

This weekend, heavy winter sweaters, boots, hats, gloves, etc. will be tucked away in bins and spring clothes will be washed and aired.  Doors and windows will be cracked open to let in some of that fresh air.  Rugs will be taken out to shake out their winter dust and the house will be cleaned, even in the darkest corners.  There is nothing like the fresh smell of spring cleaning.

I am getting the itch to start working on the house again.  My problem is that I am so indecisive.  The moment I pick something out that I like, I immediately begin to second guess myself.  I want to put the new floors in the den and living room where we have been walking on braided rugs and plywood all winter.  I originally picked out a reddish bamboo and then thought it would clash with some of the colors I wanted.  Dark brown?  The dust will show, says my stepmother.  Too light and Elli’s giant dirty paw prints will be evident everywhere.  Medium brown seems too mundane. I love the idea of the clicklock bamboo floors; easy to install and tough enough to put up with the animals.  But wouldn’t all natural wide pine flooring look authentic in our old colonial?  What about a natural oak?  There are too many choices.

Then there is the outside.  We had seven deer in the field just a few days ago.  They are so beautiful.  Plus there are tons of birds, blackbirds, robins, crows, turkeys, you name it they are out there.  A friend mentioned ticks.  You have deer, you’ll have ticks.  Newfoundlands and ticks do not bode well for me.  I used to raise chickens, which are great for keeping the deer tick infestation down to a minimum.  (And they don’t leave giant muddy paw prints in the house.) We’ve talked about starting a new flock here, but that means building a coop, running electricity, feeding daily, cleaning every weekend, not being able to just take off when we want.  It’s responsibility, something I’ve been trying to shed more of rather than gain.

Then of course there is money.  It takes money to remodel and while I have a steady day job, the real estate business has been slow for Dennis.  If you (or someone you know) are thinking about buying or selling a house this summer in New Hampshire, please check out this link,  (Sorry, shameless plug, but I need to keep him busy or bad things, man…bad things.)

I am also working on a blog in response to submission to Forbes magazine about real estate brokers.  It’s a rebuttal so I’m trying to be careful and make sure I have all the facts straight.  Look for it next week.

So, I guess the thought for the day is…get outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Too soon it will be very hot and people will be complaining about that, too.  Help me pick out my flooring.  Please give me ideas on what I should do.  At least for color.  What has worked best for you?  And if you want to buy or sell a house, call Dennis.  He really is a great guy, even though I whine about him from time to time. (And I need to remodel my kitchen!)

Happy Friday Folks!


2 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings!

  1. If it’s an 1800s farmhouse wide pine floors would probably be more authentic but pine is soft and dents / scratches easily. Kids and pets might do a number on it. In the end though it’s you who have to live with it. I’d look at other houses of a similar style and age online if it were me, and see what others have done.

  2. Just this morning we were looking at new sheds and planning the bigger veg plot at the bottom of our little garden. I guess that’s spring for you. Could t risk a peek at the houses in your area and you certainly get a lot of land and house for your money there, less than half the price of ours here. Maybe I need to relocate 🙂

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