Book Review – Emma Leigh Reed

If there is one thing I enjoy as much as writing, it’s reading.  I love reading a good book, one that sucks you in and keeps you wanting more.  Whether it’s a cold winter afternoon snuggled up with a warm blanket in front of the wood stove or sitting on the beach in summer under my umbrella, toes in the sand, I like having a good book with me.  I even used to read while cooking dinner.

For a long time the only thing I read were textbooks.  The minute I finished my degree, though, out came the romances, the mysteries and reality fiction.  I’ll read almost anything.  I enjoy a good fantasy or sci-fi as much as I love a good piece of literary fiction.

As part of my new blog goals, I want to start a new weekly feature.  While I’m hoping to incorporate some of my fiction writing here, I thought it would also be fun to do a book review.  Why not?  I did spend all that time reading the book.  The least I could do is share my thoughts on it.

The exciting thing about being part of a writer’s group is that I get to read books from new, up and coming writers that aren’t out in the main stream yet.  These stories might not be as in depth as those written by seasoned writers, but we all have to start somewhere. Regardless of how well written, a story is a story, and someone took the time to write it down.  To me that means it is worth reading.

So for my first book review I am going to pick on my new friend and writing partner, Emma Leigh Reed.

Emma has written and published three contemporary romance novels so far, two of which are self-published.  Her tag line, “Where broken trust is healed by the power of love” gives you an idea of her novel topics.

I was able to snag her second book, “Mirrored Deception.” In this book, Jayla Ralston is trying to escape a potential abusive relationship and takes off for the coast. Avoiding phone calls from her over-bearing twin sister, Jayla hides out in a small bed and breakfast.  There she meets Tristan, the tall, dark and handsome innkeeper.

Using the solitude of the inn, Jayla turns to writing her children’s book. She has several encounters with Tristan; only some of those encounters are actually with his twin, Trenton.  Hmmmm.

Tristan’s history is sad. He loses his father and his brother (or so he believes) then later his mother, leaving him pretty much alone in the world.  He is unaware that Trenton had been hidden away for many years and had not actually died.

Believing his brother didn’t care enough about him to look for him, Trenton returns to the family bed and breakfast with anger in his heart determined to sabotage his brother’s life.  Only when he sees Jayla sitting in the rose garden he realizes there could more to his life than just revenge.

There are many twists and turns in this story and I won’t give away the ending.

This book starts off a little “choppy” at first and leaves me wondering about some things, but then it settles pretty nicely and has a great twist at the end.

As I am still working on my first novel, I was pretty impressed that Emma has been able to accomplish writing three.

I think Emma Leigh Reed has some talent as a writer and the more she writes the better her stories will be.  I am looking forward to reading her two other novels, and if I am lucky, maybe she will give me a sneak preview to her fourth.  I can only hope.

You can check out Emma yourself at  Or check out her Facebook page at

The next book I have started is Nora Roberts: Blue Dahlia.  This is book one of her In the Garden trilogy.  Okay, so she’s not an “up and coming” writer, so I can expect good things from this story.  But my standards are much higher when I’m reading a story written by a well-seasoned author.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  🙂


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