The Radius – Daily Press Flash Fiction

To incorporate more of my fiction writing into my blog, I decided to attempt this weeks writing challenge from The Daily Press. – Enjoy!

He had seen the thugs from his vantage point.  He tried to yell, wave, to warn her, but she couldn’t hear him.  She waved back and quickened her pace to join him.

Somehow, they had figured it out.  They had watched him, waiting for the right moment. Now they were after her, he knew it.  He had stood up to them and now they were going to get even.

Stay within the radius.

It had been drilled into him.  Everyday his father walked with him to another part of the city where he had left a sign; a row of angled cobblestones, a metal rod poking slightly from a sidewalk paver, a notch in the corner of a building.  These were his perimeters.

Stay within the radius.

She screamed.  They each grabbed an arm and began dragging her towards the alley. He could hear them laugh.

Stay within the radius.

What was the point of staying in the radius if you lost everything you loved? His father had stayed here for him, had never left his side until his death. That was sacrifice for love.

He couldn’t let them win. With a deep breath he forced himself to move forward.  He took them by surprise. They hadn’t expected this. He had beaten them off once before.  This time he would make sure they never came back to bother them again.

Stay within the radius.

Bruised and scared he carried her home, wrapping her in the folds of his bed.  Together they lay in each other’s arms; warm, safe.

In the morning she awoke and looked upon his stillness. She touched him gently then wrapped the blankets around them both and let her tears fall.


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