Food Fun – Steak and Soba Stir Fry

I love to cook.  Okay, I don’t like to “have” to cook, but I do like to cook when the mood hits me.  I also love to bake.  I scout recipes in books, magazines, on line sites and everywhere in between.  Magazines are my favorite go to place for recipes.  I subscribe to both Better Homes and Gardens and Bon Appetit.  I also search Food and Wine, Betty Crocker, Yankee Magazine and All for recipes to try.  But I don’t stop there.

There are so many recipes out there, though; it can be a little overwhelming.  So I thought I would share a recipe or two that I find to be pretty amazing.

This recipe I found on Bon Appetit and if you go to their site you should be able to search it.  It is called Steak and Soba Stir Fry.  Since it is technically Bon Appetit’s recipe, I’ll let you check out their site for the ingredients and directions.  I’ll even share the link with you here.

I have to say this recipe is Yummy.  Yummy being a technical “foodie” term by the way.  My boyfriend and I make this now on a regular basis.

Here are some tips we’ve learned along the way:

The steak they call for is a skirt or flank steak and if you can afford (or even find) this, by all means use it.  Skirt and flank steak are thin lean cuts of meat that work well in stir fry’s.  However, any good steak cooked medium rare and then thinly sliced will work.

Flank Steak

Picture from Reader’s Digest

The recipe calls for baby bok choy, which isn’t always easily found in our neck of the woods.  We have substituted regular bok choy, but to me the regular bok choy has a bitter taste to it and I prefer the baby bok choy better. (My boyfriend is fine with either) It gives the recipe that crunchy texture and it looks healthy, too.

Baby Bok Choy

Picture from cross fit rebellion

We used regular powder ginger in place of the grated, peeled ginger for convenience.  To me it works just as well, but this is a personal preference.  Some people prefer the fresh grated.  Go with what you like best.

We used fresh minced garlic instead of chopped garlic, but again this was a convenience thing.

Don’t skimp on the sauce.  If anything you may need a little more depending on how many noodles you use.

We grilled our steaks instead of fried and we omitted the almonds.  Again, personal preference and convenience.

This is a fun and fairly easy recipe that feels and looks fancy and tastes great.  It’s full of flavor and fills you up without giving you that bloated, I over ate, feeling like Chinese take-out. Plus it’s somewhat flexible with the ingredients. Use gluten-free Soba noodles for a gluten-free dish and omit the steak if you want a vegetarian dish.

If you want to impress that special someone with your advanced cooking skills, but don’t really have any, I would suggest this recipe.  It is relatively easy, but looks and tastes professional.


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