Trip to the Vets

So, my precious little kitty has not been feeling herself.  She’s been hiding under the bed and under the corner cupboard.  I caught her straining to pee…on the bedroom rug.  She’s also been racing around then stopping to vigorously lick at her tail and back legs.

While Gracie loves to be around her people, she isn’t the sit in your lap cuddly type.  She’s more of a what are you doing type. Yet, last night she curled up on the bed with me right under my arm.  I knew immediately that something was wrong.

While I am not trained as a veterinarian, I do consider myself somewhat intelligent and a keen observer.  Taking all the symptoms into account, we concluded she had a UTI.  I called the vet, explained the situation and made the required appointment.

The vet was very nice and gave Gracie a quick exam, checking her heart, lungs, ears, weight and temperature.  All were normal.  Then she explained that to be sure it was a UTI they had to do an ultrasound and take urine from her bladder.  Great.

Sure enough, twenty minutes later we left with a small bottle of liquid antibiotics and a bill for $118.00.

Now I suppose that having a professional confirm what I already knew should make me feel good, and my little kitty’s health and wellbeing is worth more to me than a (I’ll say it quickly) measly $118.00, but it seems to me for a few dollars they could have just given me the antibiotics and we would have been all set.

It reminds of when my kids were little and I would call the doctor’s and tell them they had strep throat. Well, how do you know its strep throat? They would ask. Well, I’d reply, they have a fever of 102, they are crying because their throat hurts really bad and there are little white spots on their tonsils.

Still, we were required to trudge all the way to the doctors office just so they could swab the back of their throats, rub it over some jelly stuff and confirm, yes, it is strep throat.  A $35.00 copay and a $45.00 bottle of amoxicillin later, and life was good.

What we won’t do for those we love….


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