Emma Leigh Reed’s ‘Trusting Love’

From the Website of Emma Leigh Reed

From the Website of Emma Leigh Reed

I had the opportunity to read another book by Emma Leigh Reed.  Her third book published is called Trusting Love.  This is a great book that gives a realistic look at what it is like to run from an abusive relationship.  Chloe’s reluctance to trust anyone stems from the betrayal of trust of her boyfriend whom she is now running from. The desire to start a new life for herself and her unborn child is her main focus.  When she finds herself in the small town of Arden, Maine, she feels this may be the place to start over.  Her new found friends sure hope so.

But in order to start over, Chloe needs to resolve the issues of her past.  Her new friends, including the town’s Police Chief, Jayden, who is falling in love with the town’s newest resident, want to hide Chloe away.  Not content to hide from her past, Chloe is determined to face her past and her ex-boyfriend regardless of the circumstances.

This book keeps you turning the pages to find out just how Chloe decides to face her fears and accept the help from the people around her.  Because of her past experiences, trust does not come easy, but she realizes she needs to try, both for her sake and her baby’s.

This is a simple and pure love story that takes place in coastal Maine.  It stresses the importance of friendship and being able to lean on others for help in a time of need.  It also shows how you can find love in the smallest places.

If you are looking for a good summer romance novel, I suggest you order Trusting Love.  I think this author has shown immense growth in her writing and her characterization and I look forward to reading the next novel she writes.

(Check out Emma Leigh Reed’s official website here.)


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