Life is an amazing thing.  Just when we get into a nice routine, something comes along and messes us all up.

Summer is almost here and yet I am still cold.  I wear a sweater at minimum and sometimes my jacket all day at work.  While the days have been nice, there is a hint of coolness to the air; almost like fall.  The forecast calls for more cool weather and rain.  I worry about my vegetable garden.

And yet the flowers seem to be in full bloom everywhere you look.  From the pear trees in the front yard, to the apple trees along the stonewall to the lilacs along the road front, everything smells heavenly.

I have been focusing more time on editing my novel and trying to add some substance to it.  I am excited about how it is coming out, but still have a ways to go.  Kudos to my critique group for helping me keep on task and facing the reality that I will need to make some tough decisions.

My “day” job has been very busy and looks to be that way for the foreseeable future.  That’s a good thing really.  I like my job, the days will go faster and well, yeah, there’s job security.  In the evenings I’ve been trying to keep up with my editing.  I hope to have a manuscript ready for professional editing by the end of the summer.  In order to this, though, something must give.

So, if you see that I’m not posting as much as I was, don’t worry, I haven’t disappeared.  I’m just ‘refocusing’ my priorities where they need to be.  Enjoying the nice weather as we get it and finishing the first draft and edits of my novel.

As I come across fun things this summer, read interesting books or try new recipes, I will make sure to share them with everyone.  Don’t worry.  I will be checking in and reading everyone’s posts as time allows.


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