Blogging U – Day One

Lesson 1 – Free Write for Twenty Minutes

Being a writer has always intrigued me, though I was always told there was no money it so I should focus on a career where I could make a good living.  Having parents who experienced the Great Depression and having gone through two significant recessions in my adult life, I understand why my parents may have pushed me in that direction.

Now that I have a successful career, however, I feel I am ready to dabble in the world of fiction and see what creative stories I can come up with.  I have left my creative side idle for too long, I fear, having kept to “practical” career jobs.  So I need help along the way to exercise that part of my brain left dormant for years.

I didn’t really think about what genre I wanted to write until I sat down at the keyboard and started typing.  They story was something that had been rolling around in my mind for several years.  It wasn’t until I started writing it that I felt a mystery evolve.  The more the mystery revealed itself to me the more I enjoyed typing.  And that is how I learned I enjoyed writing mystery.

Now that the first draft of my first book is complete and ready for editing, I have the excitement of a young girl who just finished an important project and can’t wait to share it with her teacher and friends.  Will they be as excited as I am when they read my story?  Only time will tell.

Blogging has been an important step in my writing achievements and I am thrilled to be participating in the Blogging University 101 where I will begin to stretch the limits of my writing and imagination.  So follow along and see what happens.  You may be entertained, or you may hate everything you read.  Feel free to comment, remembering this is a public site and etiquette is a must.  I love constructive feedback, so if you have some to give, please be specific.

Thanks again for following my blog…


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