Blogging University – Day 6

Blogging University – Day 6

Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

If it weren’t for the words “this year” I would have talked about my Honey Bunny, but since we’ve been together for almost three years I am guessing he doesn’t count.

In reality, I have met a some very interesting people this year who have truly inspired me to write.  This small group of individuals has encouraged me and pushed me to reach outside my comfort zone and explore new things.

What makes them interesting is that they each have their own writing story that I find most fascinating.

First there is Emma.  She is a contemporary romance novelist with three published books so far.  I find her interesting because she is so humble.  I, who haven’t published anything yet, have been able to help inspire her to write her fourth book. We keep each other on task and make sure we are keeping to our self-imposed goals.  If one of us is feeling down, the other is there to give us a nudge.

Emma is a lot like me.  She is about my age, she is a mother, an ex-wife, a student, a hard worker and very smart.  She is eager to lend a hand and willing to share her experiences with anyone who asks.  To pass her on the street, you might not give her a second glance. But to meet her, you are immediately drawn to her warm personality.

Sara is a young author who writes amazing YA fiction.  I am impressed by her writing abilities, as I am sure mine were not so honed at her age.  She is clearly mature beyond her years.  She knows exactly what she wants and what she needs to do to get there.  She is not afraid to go after what she wants; yet she constantly doubts herself.  Emma and I are trying hard to get her to finish her first novel and from what I’ve read so far, it will be an amazing story. Sara has a very vivid imagination.

Ellen is the oldest of our group, but in spirit, I truly think she may be the youngest.  She has thrown caution to the wind and writes whatever comes to her mind.  What I like most, I think, are her children’s stories.  She has a way of tackling what can be difficult situations and writing so it makes sense to young children.  Being the mother of three, she has plenty of experience to pick from.

I met these find ladies through the New Hampshire Writer’s Project, of which I am a member.  Through this group I have met many interesting people.  Some have really touched me with their stories and writing abilities and their humbleness and inspiration.  Others, maybe not so much, though I think you can learn something from everyone you meet.

Last month, Emma, Sara, Ellen and I visited the Manchester Writer’s Night Out to meet a different group of writers.  We were impressed with the variety of writers ranging from published to just checking it all out.

Next month we plan on joining the Portsmouth meeting to see who else is out there in the New Hampshire writing scene. Who knows, we may be able to expand our own little group with more interesting and inspiring writers.

Through my writing groups, this blog and other sites, I have found so many wonderful writers who call New Hampshire their home, most of whom are very down to earth and willing to lend some advice or just a knowledgeable ear.

If you need some inspiration from interesting bloggers who are also writers, check out these folks and then add to the list.  I am sure you can!

Confessions of a mystery novelist @

Catherine Dougherty @

The New Hampshire Writer’s Network at

Therapeutic Misadventures @

These are just a few…I know there are many more.  Feel free to keep the list going!


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