Blogging University – Day?

When I signed up to do the Blogging University’s Writing 101, I did so with excitement.  I love to write and thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have a specific reason to write each day.  Well, as you can see, that hasn’t worked out too well for me.

It’s not that the Daily Post’s attempt to help me build a better blogging habit was flawed.  Quite the contrary.  I have truly built a writing habit; only it has been focused on my new novel and not here on my blog.

I know this isn’t fair to my readers and I hope I don’t disappoint you too much.  I need to create a new blogging habit, perhaps one not so enthusiastic.

On the upside, my first manuscript is complete and I have gone through and done the edits.  It now sits to the side while I start my second manuscript.  I am in the processing of querying agents in hopes of find someone who will work with me on my writing career. It would be wonderful if someday I could write for a living.  For now it will have to be a hobby.

We have plans to do a lot of things this summer, so I promise to take pictures and post some fun and interesting things to do around the state.

In fact, last Friday night there was a free concert in Bicentennial Square in downtown

Had a blast at the free concert in Bicentennial Square

Had a blast at the free concert in Bicentennial Square

Concord that was just amazing.  This past weekend was the annual motorcycle weekend with thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts flocking to the state.  The weather was perfect and to my knowledge our guests were pleasant and had a good time. And the sand castle contest at Hampton Beach was this past weekend.  I have gone for the last few years, but we didn’t make it this year, unfortunately.

Farmer’s markets have started up around the state and if you haven’t visited one of these lately, you are missing out. We have many great farmers around and the offerings at these markets are wonderful.  From fruits and veggies, to meat and dairy products and everything in between. My honey bunny and I have been making some scrumptious dinners lately all with fresh, local food. We have started on own garden with a few squashes, tomatoes, peppers and beans.  Plus I have started collecting herbs.  Nothing tastes as yummy as a fresh, homemade pizza with real mozzarella and fresh picked basil.  Yum!

This weekend I am taking a class through the New Hampshire Writer’s Project on Saturday and then I think we will be sticking around the house.  We finally purchased the new flooring for two of our rooms and we have begun work on our bedroom so lots to do here.

The weather has been splendid, though still a little cool for my tastes this time of year.  My parents are enjoying it.  They always prefer the cooler weather.  Me? I am ready for the hot and humid dog days of summer.  We don’t get that many around here and I truly enjoy them when they come.

The birds are enjoying themselves and I have been lucky to have a bobolink in our backyard.  I never even heard of a bobolink until I saw this funny creature sitting on our old swing set.  We have also enjoyed the return of our bluebirds.  They are so lovely.Bobolink - Male Bobolink - Male

Bluebird 2 Bluebird 1














I hope all you out there have great summer plans and I promise, if I can’t write as often as I like, I will try to read and comment on all the blogs I follow.

Happy blogging!


One thought on “Blogging University – Day?

  1. The idea if writing for a living is very appealing. Having said that I kind of do, except what I write for money is letters and emails. What with that, my blog, my walking group and my novel (which is getting sadly neglected right now) I’m surprised my fingers haven’t fallen off from all the typing!

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