Eating Local

Some of our homegrown veggies.

Some of our homegrown veggies.

Being a lifelong resident of New Hampshire I truly love the diversity our state provides from sandy beaches along the ocean to restful lakeside retreats; from mountain vistas to city cafés. We are so fortunate to have so much right at our doorstop. What I love most about New Hampshire are the farms and farming. Though I never worked on a big farm, I have worked on horse farms and Christmas tree farms, raised chickens, milked a cow, grown my own vegetables and have enjoyed the vast agriculture that is the heart and history of New Hampshire.

With the whole Market Basket thing going on and the fact that we are at the height of summer, there is no better time to look around you for fresh locally grown food products.

Our vegetable garden this year has been providing us with plenty of good stuff to eat and what we don’t have in our garden we can get right up the road at one of several local farm stands.

We are also lucky to be just five minutes up the road from Miles Smith Farm, a great place to get healthy grass fed beef and pork. In fact we enjoyed two of the most delicious porter house steaks from there this past weekend, grilled up nicely with fresh green beans (from our garden, of course).

The Concord Farmers’ Market has a huge variety of locally grown foods for you to choose from. Meats, cheeses, breads, and fresh fruits and veggies among other things are all available. There are many Farmers’ Markets around the state and remember, you don’t have to shop at just one.

Don’t have time to stop at your local farmers’ market? There are plenty of local farm stands ready to sell you their latest crops. From Apple Hill Farm, Dimond Hill Farm and Carter Hill Orchards right here in the capital city to farms as far north as Stewartstown and west to Westmoreland, south to Mason and east to Newington and everything in between.

Not sure where to start? Below are a few websites you can check out. Plus, I will add more sites to the Links and Resources page so check there often.

Do you have a favorite farm you like to frequent? Share it here!

Directory NH:

New Hampshire Agriculture:

New Hampshire Farms Network:

New Hampshire Farmers Market Association:

Beginners Farmers of New Hampshire:

Miles Smith Farm:


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