Writer’s Discussion Corner with Emma Leigh Reed

I am thrilled to be friends with a local romance and romantic suspense writer named Emma Leigh Reed.  She has been very inspirational in getting me to finish that first ugly draft and as I dive into my edits, she has provided a ton of encouragement.

Emma agreed to let me do a short interview with her where she discusses her published work as well as her upcoming novel.


Cindy: I’ve read two of your books so far, I’m working on your third one and I know you have a fourth in process. What drew you to writing romance and romantic suspense?

Emma: Romance and romantic suspense have always been my favorite genres to read so it seemed only natural to me to write that genre when I began my writing journey.

Cindy: Your characters seem so real with the way they handle their different situations. Where do you get your inspiration?

Emma: My inspiration comes from life events. I can come up with a general “incident” and a story will just morph from there.

Cindy: Who is your favorite character?

Emma: Trenton from MIRRORED DECEPTION is undoubtedly my favorite character. There is something about his bad boy image that makes him so lovable to me.

Cindy: You’ve now written four books. What is your writing process? Do you follow the same process every time?

Emma: The only part of my writing process that is the same from book to book is that I just write. I don’t plot my books. I allow my writing to be very much character driven. I have learned over time to listen to my characters. The writing will not flow if I try to go in a different direction.

Cindy: What’s the one thing you like/dislike about writing novels?

Emma: I love getting the story out and just seeing it come to life as I write. To me it is so satisfying to finish a book and seeing how it all came together. On the other hand, I dislike editing the first draft. Editing is harder for me as typically there is another story rolling around in my head, begging for my attention.

Cindy: What advice would you give to aspiring young romance novelists?

Emma: Write! Finish the first draft and find good critique partners.

Cindy: What will you be working on next?

Emma: I have already started a sequel to my first book (CRASHING HEARTS), which I will be finishing and have another idea for a book that I would like to have done by the end of the year then will be moving on to a 4 novella series.

Author Bio:

Emma Leigh Reed has lived in New Hampshire all her life. She has fond memories of the Maine coastline and incorporates the ocean into all her books. She lives in a small town with her three children, although now it is mostly her and her Springer Spaniel to keep her company as empty-nesting has started. Her life has been touched and changed by her son’s autism – she views life through a very different lens than before he was born. Growing up as an avid reader, it was only natural for Emma Leigh to turn to creating the stories for others to enjoy.

Find her on:






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