Market Basket and the state of the world…

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Therapeutic Misadventures

I’m cautiously optimistic in my small corner of the world tonight. The news today brought another horrific death by beheading of an American journalist. CNN was all over it with photos and video that I declined to watch. A mother’s anguish at her son’s horrifying end of life was more than I could stomach.

Yet I am optimistic and proud. A small miracle occurred in New England that will never make the international media scene never mind the national news. It was brought home to me by a conversation I had with two elderly women as I cashed them out today. They were commenting on the recent win by our local grocery store. The employees went on strike because the board of directors wanted to replace the CEO. The company was a family owned business. The employees were not unionized and they believed whole-heartedly in the man at the helm.

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