Busy Time of Year!

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been. A while back I made a goal to write at least three times a week for my blog. Blogging is fun and it’s important, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Don’t panic. Nothing bad has happened. Just life. Although my boyfriend has had all summer to paint our bedroom, he just started about a month ago. Of course, it is taking forever as he does one step each week. Right now, my bedroom is in shambles, I can’t find any of my shoes and the bed is covered with a big blue tarp in the middle of the room. You can laugh, it’s okay. I won’t take it personally. All I can do is smile and hope the room is done sometime before Christmas.

My boyfriend’s daughter is moving out! Yay! Okay, it’s sad, too. She is the youngest. But, I get to turn her room into my new office. My very own space where I can close the door and write to my hearts content! I am very excited about this. Still, miss “clothes hog” hasn’t removed everything from the room yet and since it is taking so long just to get my bedroom done, I am thinking it will be spring before I have my office complete.

As the daughter moved out, we acquired her boyfriend’s kitten. Anyone under the age of 25 should not be allowed to own pets. Without getting on my soapbox, let’s just say this cat is six months old, has not had a single vet visit and was in the same apartment with her “unfixed” brother. She also, at one point, had fleas. So, “Evi” short for Evinrude for her

Evi. Our newest addition.

Evi. Our newest addition.

loud “motor” is now among us and our menagerie of pets. She will be heading to the vets shortly for shots and neutering!

My “day” job, (which is not writing, unfortunately) has gotten busy and I am now leading one project and am on the team of two other projects. This has actually been good for me as I like a varied day and things were getting, shall we say, stagnant. Now, I am busier than…heck.

While it may feel like ages ago, just last month, we took a drive out the coast and stopped

Fuller Gardens and the Conservatory

Fuller Gardens and the Conservatory

at Fuller Gardens. This is a great little private garden oasis with an amazing rose garden and Japanese garden and a conservatory. (I just love that word! Say it with me, in an English accent…conservatory. See? Isn’t it cool?)

Some of the prettiest roses I have ever seen.

Some of the prettiest roses I have ever seen.

More roses!

More roses!

A beautiful fountain tucked away in the corner of the garden.

A beautiful fountain tucked away in the corner of the garden.


More beautiful roses. I can tell you, it smelled heavenly in this garden.


Another fountain. This one is in the perennial garden.

Koi fish in the Japanese Garden

Koi fish in the Japanese Garden

With the coming of fall, we have pulled up the rest of the garden. We had a pretty good hall for our first year. My boyfriend actually canned the rest of the tomatoes with some of our peppers, onion and celery to make a sort of “stewed tomato” base. It is amazingly delicious and light. We used a couple of jars, plane, with some pasta and it was awesome.

I am still baking away and made these heavenly blueberry lemon scones. Super moist and just enough lemon to make them tangy. Mmm! I’ll post the recipe here.DSC01214

Lest I forget, this is New Hampshire and there has been lots going on and lot’s of things coming up. This past Sunday was the Sylvania 300 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I have to admit, I think I like the September fans better than the July ones. No one tried to run me off the road, no one cut me off and then honked at me like I did something wrong, and for the most part, my commute wasn’t overly extended because of traffic. My boyfriend and his oldest daughter went to the Saturday truck races and both had a great time.

The 2014 Lakes Region Barrel Tasting Weekend starts October fourth and I am very excited. For just twelve dollars you get a 19oz glass that you can use to sample wines from six different wineries around New Hampshire. Does it get any better? http://hermitwoods.com/events/barrel-tasting/

Let’s not forget this is foliage season and that means that anywhere you go is considered a “scenic drive.” There are lots of nice scenic drives you can take and a couple of scenic train rides, too. This is probably the prettiest time of year to be in New Hampshire. http://www.visitnh.gov/what-to-do/scenic-drives/

Soon, as Halloween approaches there will be hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin carving contests. Keene has their traditional pumpkin festival. This year it is on October eighteenth. The last few years, HGTV has televised the event as Keene, New Hampshire takes on Highwood, Illinois to beat the Guinness Book of World Records for the most carved, lit pumpkins. Check out their site here. http://pumpkinfestival2011.org/

As you can see, I’ve been pretty busy.  On top of all this, I have been working on another novel.  This one a YA mystery.  It is taking a bit of time to write this one, but I want to make sure I get it right.

In the meantime, I plan on doing more traveling around this fall and I hope to post lots more wonderful pictures.  Enjoy!


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