Should you eat local?

One of the many great things about living in New Hampshire is the amount of great farms we have. Step just ten minutes outside the city limits and your local eating options are endless. Meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and eggs are all at the ready. You only need know where to look.

Just in my little town I have access to fresh grass fed beef, goat milk and cheeses, fresh eggs, local veggies, maple syrup and fresh picked apples and peaches among other things. So why in the world would I eat prepackaged foods loaded with chemicals and preservatives?

For that matter, why would you?

Did you know that many local stores offer locally sourced foods? That’s right. You can purchase fresh meat and produce at places like Hannaford’s and Quality Cash Market among other places. Certain restaurants also buy ingredients locally. The next time you are out, ask if your favorite restaurant purchases local produce and meats and if they don’t ask them why.

Can’t find a store or restaurant next to you that offers locally sourced foods? Then check out one of the many CSA’s. What’s a CSA you ask?

Community Supported Agriculture are farms that offer membership that in turn provide you with locally sourced food as it becomes available. Check out this list of farms that provide CSA near you.

Farmer’s Markets are a great way to get delicious, in-season food from local farms. Many areas have markets at different times of the week. The New Hampshire Farmer’s Market Association has a website where you can find a local market near you. And yes, there are many winter farmers’ markets throughout the state.

But cooking with fresh meats and produce is more work you say. Really? Just think of the many different recipes you can try. Need some ideas? Check back here this week. I will post a few of my favorite recipes that include fresh fruits, vegetable and meats.

You know that locally sourced foods are better for you, right? It has been scientifically proven that grass fed beef and free-range chicken eggs contain less fat and cholesterol than their mass-produced counterparts. Local fruits and vegetables are as fresh as you can get and many are organic. They are healthier and tastier. You will be able to taste the difference and you body will thank you.

I would love to see everyone eat fresh local foods. It’s good for the farms, the community and for you!

Do you eat local? Tell me where!


3 thoughts on “Should you eat local?

  1. I’m lucky to live in Hampshire in the UK where we have lots of farms and local produce. Buying locally sourced food is important to me, in fact I wrote a whole post about it. Sadly, my blog was hacked and I’ve lost most of it including that post but yours reminded me of it. I e started again with a new blog and I’m slowly picking through the remnants if the old to see what I can salvage, maybe I can find my eat local one somewhere and out it back together.

    If you haven’t already, I’d urge you to back up your blog. Hacking is way more common than you’d think.

      • We have a wonderful butcher and all the meat is from local farms. There are also markets for vegetables, although these are not as big as they once were and we have pick your own farms within walking distance too for things like strawberries. I grow a little in my garden too, sadly, not always as successfully as I’d like.

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