A Day at the Farm

This past weekend I was happy to attend the 7th annual Miles Smith Farm 2014 Farm Day. My boyfriend does their graphic design work and we volunteered to do some folding of brochures and flyers for the event. Sunday turned out to be a perfect day to be up at the farm and there was plenty to do.

There were so many people that came and enjoyed the fun.

There were so many people that came and enjoyed the fun.

Bruce and Carole are the husband and wife team who run the grass fed beef farm. They raise Scottish Highlanders along with Angus and Angus mix cattle. The cows are friendly and love attention and you can even ride them if you are so inclined.

Cow with a saddle? Yup!

Cow with a saddle? Yup!

The farm also includes Charlotte the pig. Charlotte had babies over the summer and she is still a bit protective of them. Turns out telling a mama pig she needs to wean her babies isn’t as easy as one would think. So, during the Farm Day, Charlotte was “supposed” to stay in her own pen while her babies (who really aren’t babies anymore) were moved to the “petting pen.” Charlotte had other ideas and broke through a large metal gate and spent the day napping in the petting pen while squealing children petted both her and her babies.

Charlotte taking a nap on farm day.

Charlotte taking a nap on farm day.

Angus is a rabbit, a large fluffy butterscotch and white rabbit. Just the other day he somehow managed to escape his pen and had volunteers and farm hands chasing him around. Clearly, he was having more fun than they were. On Sunday, he was happily getting all the attention he could hope for.

This little guy was being weaned from his mother, who was near enough to see him, but clearly not happy about all the attention he was getting while she couldn’t be close. He has the most amazing markings and reminds me of our Newfoundland, Elli. Only I think the cow drools less.

Love this little guy.

Love this little guy.

At one point this summer, there were several ducks, turkeys and geese as they had multiplied quite a bit. On Farm Day, the turkeys were absent and there were only a couple of ducks and geese left. Suspiciously, a freezer in the farm store appeared with the label “Fresh Turkey, Duck and Geese.” Hmmm.

I have offered to take the last two geese off of Carole’s hands as soon as I can build a shelter for them. My boyfriend does not like this idea so we are still in “discussions.”

MY Geese... as soon as Dennis says it's okay.

MY Geese… as soon as Dennis says it’s okay.

Miles Smith and his wife are still in residence on the farm and we visited the family plot. There are other families buried here, as well and it made me wonder what life had been like for them so long ago.

Here Lies Miles Smith

It was clear that everyone who attended Farm Day had a great time and there was so much to do. The options included a hay ride, pony and cow rides, several vendors with face painting and other items for sale, a scavenger hunt, free samples, a great lunch that included grass fed burgers and all beef hot dogs and let’s not forget the amazing view, which for me was worth the whole day.

That's me hugging a cow!  They are so cool.

That’s me hugging a cow! They are so cool.

I have to admit that spending the day at Miles Smith Farm really gave me the “farm” bug. I have raised chickens and horses in the past, but had planned on just “raising” vegetables on my new farm. I’ve already decided I want Carole’s two geese and I wouldn’t mind having a few chickens for eggs. From there we’ll have to see where we go. We’re not getting any younger, my back isn’t getting any better and I still work outside the home full time, all of which make farming difficult.

Incredible view at the farm.

Incredible view at the farm.

Still, we have two and half acres of great pasture that could be utilized for just about anything. I’ll have to do a little research…


3 thoughts on “A Day at the Farm

  1. I like the idea of chickens but I don’t have the space for them. I’ve never heard of anyone riding a cow either. Here the cows are moody beasts and they don’t like walkers in their fields very much.

  2. You don’t need much space for a few chickens. The standard is 2-3 square feet per bird for a coop and just a small area where they can get out and scratch. We were told by the farm owner that the “moody” cows become steaks. The nice ones get to hang around longer. LOL

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