Book Review – Crashing Hearts by Emma Leigh Reed

Crashing Hearts was Emma Leigh Reed’s first published romance. It depicts the life of a single mother and the challenges of raising an autistic son while trying to weave through the nuances of a new, budding relationship. As with any relationship, there are struggles, but these are compounded by the relationship the main character, Kira, had with her deceased husband and her struggle with trust.

Just as she is coming to terms with falling in love, someone from Kira’s past arrives trying to stir up trouble. Kira’s love interest has his own issues involving his strong sense of family, stubbornness and a past of his own that may haunt him.

This is a sweet romance that includes enough suspense to keep the reader turning the pages. The story depicts problems that many people face when building new relationships.

Emma Leigh Reed shows a strong sense of family in her story and I found myself rooting for the main character right from the beginning. I look forward to reading more stories by this author.​

Reed is a New Hampshire author who brings in the sights and sounds of the seacoast into her writing. Her stories focus on life issues including autism and abusive relationships, which give a humanist perspective to her protagonists. I look forward to many more suspenseful romances from this author.

Check out her website here for news and links to her Facebook page and blog.

Pub Date: January 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1611603408

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press (2012)


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