New Hampshire Weather…

Ah weather. You either love it or you hate it. “Don’t like the weather right now? Wait a minute.” This quote was attributed to Mark Twain, but depending on where you live depends on where he was talking about.

Still, anyone from New Hampshire will tell you the weather that happens today does not determine the weather of tomorrow. (That’s my quote.) If you don’t believe me just look outside.

On Monday, November 24, it was almost 70 degrees in the sunshine here in the Granite State. The weather was so nice I went for a walk without a coat. Just a few weeks ago we had frigid temperatures and snow.

So what’s happening in the next few days? That’s right! After this beautiful spring-like day, we are expecting 5-8 inches of snow on Wednesday, the day before the big travel day, affectionately known as Thanksgiving.

I suppose we could get frustrated and complain (and we do), but for the most part we just take it as it comes. The calendar may say fall, but for us New Englanders, this is winter, like it or not.

There are lots of predictions of what this winter will be like and really, no one will be wrong. That’s because on top of lots of snow and frigid temperatures we are also likely to get our share of warm days, too. Though I will predict that our cold days will out number those.

The only thing predictable about New Hampshire weather is that it is unpredictable. Even the meteorologists are often wrong. It keeps us on our toes and keeps things lively.

Where ever you are this holiday, please be careful and watch out for that crazy weather. If you are traveling towards the northeast, give yourself extra time and be careful of the roads.

Enjoy you holiday and remember to eat local!


3 thoughts on “New Hampshire Weather…

  1. The unpredictable weather has its benefits too. A cold day one day and a warm one the next. It’s the same way where I love too. Warm in the morning, snow in the afternoon. 🙂

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