Year in Review

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to look back. We learn from past experiences, both good and bad and sometimes we forget the steps we took to get where we are. This isn’t just about remembering past mistakes so we can learn from them. It is also about remember the positive things you did so you can repeat them.

The best way to make a New Year’s resolution is to think about what works for you and what doesn’t and to remember what made you happy and what didn’t. Makes perfect sense when you think about, right? Why resolve to do things in the New Year that you know from the start you aren’t going to enjoy?

When you get to be my age, you stop worrying about body image and you start thinking about enjoying what life has to offer. That means taking care of yourself and leaving the fad diets and exercise programs alone.

Before I jump into my New Year’s resolution, here is my year in review…

One of my resolutions for 2014 was to eat “healthier.” I cut out all fast food, started looking for healthier choices and began eating locally sourced foods. I didn’t lose weight, but I do feel good. And I enjoyed trying some great new recipes, some of which I shared here on my blog. Check eating healthy off as something I will repeat for 2015.

Resolution number two was to finish one manuscript. I finished my novel and started two more. I even had two agents who are interested in reading at least a partial. That’s huge. I could stop right there and be completely thrilled. But I won’t. This year I want to be published. Some how, some way, I will see my book in print. (Fingers Crossed)

Improve my “community.” By that I mean making new friends and enjoying the ones I already have. I met and made new friends in 2014…lots of new friends. I found a few great writing critique partners who helped me on my writing journey and made friends in the local agricultural community who have been giving us good advice on farming and homesteading. Good personal relationships are key to good health and longevity. I will keep this on my continue-to-do list.

I adopted another kitten AND a bunny. Pets are fun; at least that is what I keep telling myself when I am picking up after them. Still, there is something calming when you are petting a purring cat or gain the trust of small furry friend such as a rabbit. Despite the mess, they do make me smile. I don’t plan on adopting any more pets for 2015, but I do want to enjoy the ones I have.

So what about 2015?

Well, what I may do for 2015 is work towards our own version of sustainability including getting a few chickens for eggs and work on building outdoor buildings for future farm animals. We are planning on expanding our vegetable garden, too.

My boyfriend and I work hard, too hard in my opinion. My new resolution for 2015 is to start working smarter, not harder. We want to work towards more self-sustainability, which means we will need to learn to do a lot of things by ourselves. And we are no spring chickens, so we need to do this without too much physical labor.

We are excited about this endeavor. It makes sense given that we had started looking for ways to be healthier physically. By working towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we hope to become healthier financially, as well.

Like anything new you try in life, this will be an adventure. There will be ups and downs and we are seasoned enough to know that nothing will be perfect. That’s okay. I am ready for a less stressful life, one where I get to enjoy nature and the simple pleasures it provides.

I’ll keep you posted. I am sure there will be some funny stories to tell.


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