Coldest Day on Record

I like Canada, don’t get me wrong. Canada has produced a lot of great things…Nathan Fillion, Ryan Reynolds, The Property Brothers! I mean come on…

But the one thing that Canada produces and sends down to us Staters that we don’t love is the infamous “cold front.”

And yes, folks, Canada was kind enough to send one our way this week. In fact, we had the coldest June 1st on record. Many of us here in New Hampshire had to actually turn the heat on, though some hardy New Englanders refused. I for one do not need to be a martyr, so the heat went on.

June 2nd was also a very cold day. I’m not sure if it was the coldest ever, but it sure felt like it. In fact, as I sit and type this, I still have the heat on AND I am wrapped in a blanket drinking alcohol so as to try and keep the blood flowing.

As a native New Englander, one would think that I would be hearty enough to endure this sort of weather. Being of Irish decent should just be the icing on the cake. But start with cold temperatures and then add the cold dampness of rain (much needed rain, I agree) and the cold just seeps into your bones and won’t let go.

On the upside, having a total of three days of cold rain and being mostly stuck in the house has given me time to catch up on things like housework, bills and paperwork. But the animals don’t stop needing attention just because I don’t want to go outside.

Luckily, tomorrow spring is supposed to return and in a couple of weeks summer will be here along with strawberry picking! There is nothing better than fresh New Hampshire strawberries. They beat those dry California things out of the park any day of the year. (Sorry California)

There are certain foods I will only eat at certain times of the year and strawberry shortcake is one of them.

Not just any strawberry shortcake either. Our family has a long tradition of making strawberry shortcake from scratch. Homemade biscuits warm out of the oven, fresh mashed strawberries so sweet you don’t need to add sugar and homemade whipped cream. Mmm…mmm.

It’s not really a big family secret or anything so I’ll be glad to share with you my (okay, our) recipe.

The other family tradition thing we have is homemade preserves. My stepmother has perfected the art of jams and preserves and my step-sister and I are hoping to continue the tradition.

So this month I will document our strawberry picking-shortcaking-preserving activities and share with you our “secret” family recipes.

Until then, if you all wouldn’t mind sending some warm thoughts our way, we’d appreciate it.


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