Poor Pearl

Pearl trying to "blend in."

Pearl trying to “blend in.”

Poor Pearl continued on a downward trend the whole week. Our neighbor stopped by to see our goats and determined we needed to get Pearl to the vet right away. So Monday morning after running late for an early morning mammogram, (because who doesn’t love those first thing on a Monday) I called the vets and they were able to get us in for a 3 o’clock appointment.

Dennis had to work, so I took the afternoon off and headed home, strapped the pet carrier to the bed of the truck, somehow managed to get Pearl up and in there and off we went…with her screaming the entire way.

Once at the vets, she was fine. She’s a very curious goat and once she was out of her crate and walking around the barn area of the vets she had calmed right down. Everyone loved her and our neighbor, who also works for the vet, acted like Pearl was her grandchild. We brought her into the waiting area to get weighed. The whole time our neighbor was saying, “Cindy, this is Susie the receptionist…Susie, this is my neighbor Cindy…AND this is Pearl!” On it went until we had met “every” employee available. Needless to say, Pearl was the center of attention. She is a very unusual looking goat and everyone oohed and awed over her. (Which she sucked right up, by the way.) I don’t think anyone remembered my name.

Unfortunately for Pearl, her exam did reveal she had a high load of Coccidia, which can be very deadly to goats. She was given a prescription with more probiotics and put on a restricted diet and isolation. Basically, we have to be sure that when she sheds the Coccidia when taking the medicine, the other goats don’t accidently pick it up.

Needless to say, Pearl is not a happy goat at the moment. Being alone in the barn while the other goats get to go out and play is not fun and since neither my boyfriend nor I could stay home for the next couple of days, she was totally alone. Sadly, Pearl cries and she sounds just like a depressed baby and literally sounds like she is yelling for “ma!” She even says “mamma” sometimes, which totally breaks my heart. But vet bills are not cheap, so off to work we go.

I do have the latter half of the week off and my boyfriend has Friday off so Pearl will get some loving while we also try to sneak in a bit of “vacation.”

My boyfriend did manage to make some pickles this weekend. He just couldn’t wait. We used all the cucumbers we had and even had to buy some. All I can say is that my kitchen smelled awesome the whole day. There’s just something about the smell of pickling spices.

We won’t know how this batch came out for at least four to six weeks. I do suspect that he will be in the kitchen canning again soon. We have tons of green tomatoes and with the very hot weather we are expecting I am sure they will ripen.

We also noticed that we have corn! Well, we knew we had corn stalks, because we planted them, but we weren’t sure if we would actually get corn this year as we didn’t do that many rows and some of the corn didn’t make it. It looks like we have about 8 ears of corn. We are already talking about expanding the garden next year to make room for a “corn garden.” Looking at the price of some of the vegetables this year at the farmer’s market I think we are going to grow garlic and asparagus too!

Zucchini is finally coming to an end, which means I need to get shredding and freezing…and pickling? Apparently, you can pickle anything.

I’m one of those rare people who love this hot and muggy weather. Looking forward to some beach time, fried seafood and of course Pearl getting healthier.






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