The Never Ending Illness

After the bout of coccidian with Pearl cleared, we settled back down into normalcy only to come home last Friday night and find our Jacob, the ram, covered in poo. Poor guy had the runs so bad it was liquid and he was covered. We brought him in and washed him off. He wasn’t thrilled.  Luckily he is only about 50lbs and not the 250 lbs he will be when full grown.

We called the vets right away to get the dosage of Corrid for a five-month-old ram and started him on medicine right away. Sure enough, Saturday had our wether, Jack, with the runs. *Sigh*

We aren’t taking any chances so EVERYONE is getting medicine. We’re hoping we caught this thing in time.

Our Newfoundland, Elli, had a UTI and had to go to the vets to have that tested. Poor girl is clearly not feeling good.

Will this ever end?

The heat wave is gone and the weather is leaning more towards fall than summer. The days are very nice and the nights are cool, perfect for sleeping. Still, across the way just down the dirt road is a maple tree that is half covered in red leaves. Man, how summers fly by.

The garden is giving forth its bounty and we have several large jars of pickles already. Is there any better smell than pickling spices? My kitchen smells amazing.

I shredded enough zucchini to make eight loaves of zucchini bread in the freezer and still have a few zucchinis left over. The tomato plants look terrible but they are loaded with green tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen, but the plum ones are taking their time. I have a few jalapeño peppers just waiting for the fresh tomatoes to make salsa. If we get more pickling cukes we may try making a sweet relish. The butternut squash is just about ready to pick and the corn, peas and peppers are just about ready. Looks like we’ll have a pretty good haul this year.

It’s been so dry this summer that some people are having their wells go dry. We haven’t had that happen yet, but we are trying to be very careful with water. Running out would be bad, especially with some very hot thirsty farm animals.

My parents visited and I gave them some of my homemade ice tea. They loved it. I also let them try a new orzo dish I made for the first time. It has fresh basil, mint, zucchini (cause you have to use it up some how), cherry tomatoes (see comment on zucchini), olives and feta cheese. It only has three tablespoons of lemon juice and one of olive oil, so it is light and tasty and it’s really good warm or cold. My stepmother liked it, but my dad is a bit of a picky eater.

We’re going to enjoy as much as the summer as we can. We didn’t make it to the 4-H fair in Belmont or the old homes days in town, but the Hopkinton fair is in a couple of weeks and I rarely miss that fair. It’s one of my favorites. This year we also plan to make the Deerfield Fair, which is one of the oldest fairs in the state. It’s usually pretty mobbed, but we’ll give it a try. Remember…we aren’t really crowd people.

If you are interested in a refreshing drink for summer, try this one…

Cindy’s Homemade Ice Tea Mix

Instant Ice Tea mix – any brand will do

1- 1 ½ cups orange juice

1 Lemon

1 Orange

About 6 mint leaves (give or take depending on preference)

Make the ice tea according to the directions on the package cutting back the amount of water you use for the orange juice. Take the lemon and cut in half. Squeeze one half into the tea mix and slice up the other halve. Add the lemon slices to the tea mix.

Slice up about half the orange and add those to the tea mix.

Add the mint leaves to the tea mix.

Put in refrigerator and let set for at least an hour.Fill a glass with ice. Fill with tea mix and garnish with one or two leaves of mint and a slice of orange.Enjoy and repeat!

2 thoughts on “The Never Ending Illness

  1. Ah, it must be hard seeing your animals sick. Love your post. All those wonderful vegetables. Reminds me of my mother’s garden. All I’ve grown are beets, some herbs and like you, some green tomatoes. You reminded me that I need to buy some zucchini and make some bread for the freezer. It’s been quite awhile. Hope the rest of your summer goes well.

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