Jack’s Adventure

So Jack’s adventure continues. A few weeks ago we had his horns surgically removed. You can check out here to read about how that came about. We had hoped his wounds would heal and everything would be fine. I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.

Sure enough, first one side then the other became infected. Our neighbor works for the vet we use and when we first noticed something was wrong we asked her to take a look. From there we have embarked on a two-plus-week journey fighting to keep Jack from succumbing to the infection.

Twice a day our lovely neighbor has come over to help rinse out his wounds with Epsom salt and warm water. This has helped remove some of the infected tissue and I have become a little more tolerant of looking at pussy wounds.

We are also using a new antibacterial spray (which costs a mint, by the way), which has really helped with the healing.

On top of all that, we are giving him penicillin shots twice a day. The good thing is that both my boyfriend and I have learned how to give our goats shots. This is something we’ve wanted to learn from the beginning and will really help when it comes time to do spring shots. It also brings us one step closer to becoming more self-sufficient.

Our neighbor has warned us that this will be a long haul for Jack. He has been such a good boy and much more tolerant than some people would be for all the poking and prodding and spraying going on. He gets lots of treats for his good behavior and has found a new love for apples.

We’ve learned what it takes to take care of our goats both the cost and the time. Early mornings up before dawn to give him his treatment before we get ready for our “real” jobs. Then back at it again in the evenings. Most farmers wouldn’t have bothered. We’ve already spent more money on him than he is worth, but he is our “Jack” and we love him to pieces.

Over time we have seen some improvement. Jack continues to be a great patient, but he is not out of the woods yet and we are not stopping until he is a 100% on the mend.

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