Tis the Season for Apples!


This fall has flown by. In early September we had our third heat wave, three days in a row in the 90’s or higher. Then, just a couple weeks later, BAM! That’s right. We had a frost!

That’s New Hampshire for you.

Despite the drastic temperature changes, fall is really the best time of year to visit our fine state. We have beautiful weather (warmer during the day, but bring that coat for the evenings), wonderful colors and apples.

There are many pick-your-own apple orchards throughout the state, each one providing a fun experience and the best tasting apples around. You don’t have to look for long on the internet to find some amazing apple recipes, either.

My favorite type of apple is the Macintosh. I cook with it, eat it plain, I even give it as a snack to our goats. They are sweet with just enough tartness.

Cortlands are another favorite for cooking. In fact, the rule of thumb is eat Macs and cook Cortlands. I like both, but Macs will always be my favorite.

This year we have already made five jars of cinnamon applesauce, an apple pie and apple butter. We still need to make some apple pie filling and probably more applesauce and let’s not forget apple crisp.

New Hampshire offers a lot more than apples this time of year. Pumpkins are a favorite and typically there is a large pumpkin festival in Keene each year. Sadly, people created a riot last year and Keene has canceled the festival. I believe Laconia might pick it up. Laconia is closer to where I live so that would be great. The festival typically features the most lighted pumpkins at one time holding the Guinness Book of World Records.

Hay rides, corn mazes and haunted houses are also popular as we head towards October. And let’s not forget the fairs. We attended the Deerfield fair this year, which is one the most attended fairs in the state. There are other smaller agricultural fairs throughout the season, too.

Take a scenic drive along back roads or head north and try a scenic train ride. The weather is perfect for hiking, horseback riding or just taking a stroll.

Interested in visiting a New Hampshire ghost town or haunted location? I’ll write about that next…


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