Terms of Use and Disclaimer

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

This is a blog.  This is a personal blog intended for the use of the writer.  Viewing and reading this blog is done so at the risk of the reader.  The articles in this blog are the property and opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of others.  Names and places may be changed or omitted to protect the identity of both the innocent and the guilty. By reading this blog or any portions herein, you agree to waive and release the owner of this blog or any guest bloggers against claims arising from the use of this blog.

This blog, its founder or any guest writers will not be held liable for any injury resulting from any statements.

This blog is written and presented as way to express opinion and share fictional writing.  Comments are monitored and may be removed if they do not share in the theme of this blog.  This is intended to be fun and enjoyable.  You do not have to like the opinions expressed and you are welcome to not read or follow this blog if you find anything here offensive.

This blog is copywrited and any content here is the sole property of the owner.  Any use, commercial or otherwise is expressly forbidden without the written consent of the owner.

If you have any questions regarding the use of this blog, please contact me by going to the contact me tab.

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